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Latvijas Ozols: Nature in Your Home!

We are a company specializing in the production of insulated timber frame saunas and timber frame houses, offering individually tailored solutions according to our clients’ preferences. Our main goal is to create places where you can enjoy comfort, relax, and experience the proximity of nature.

Timber frame houses are the pride of our company. We pay attention to every detail to create cozy and functional homes that blend into the natural landscape and fulfill your desires and dreams. Our professional team will work closely with you, whether you want a house as a private oasis or for business needs. We will ensure that the end result matches your ideas and requirements.

Quality, modernity, and customer satisfaction are the fundamental principles on which Latvijas Ozols is based. We strive to ensure that you receive an excellent product and customer service. If you have any questions or would like to start a new project, feel free to contact our team. We will be delighted to help you realize your dream of a timber frame sauna or house.

Our services


Our company proudly offers high-quality, professionally crafted insulated saunas.

Wooden houses

Our houses are not only aesthetically appealing but also practical and fully customizable for living purposes.

Purchasing a timber frame house or sauna, you will receive a gift of insurance coverage for one year.

How we work

We prepare timber frame house plans according to the individual preferences of our clients.

We begin creating house plans after a careful discussion, understanding your desires and needs. In this process, we listen to your suggestions and also provide consultations and professional recommendations to help turn your vision into reality.

Our craftsmen build the house according to the drafted plan.

Our craftsmen are highly skilled and experienced professionals. With great pride, we can say that creating timber frame houses is their passion. They meticulously follow the drafted plan for each project, considering all construction aspects and your specific requirements.

We assist in the delivery and installation of the timber frame houses.

We ensure a safe and timely delivery of your house. We will not only assist in the delivery but also handle the installation process for you.


“A timber frame house or sauna is not just an architectural structure; it is also a source of inner peace and warmth. It is a place to find tranquility amidst the daily rush, to enjoy the feeling of home and harmony with nature. Each element of a timber frame house tells its unique story, connecting us with traditions and the energy of nature. It is a place to find peace, creativity, and joy in life.”


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