Timber frame houses are a source of pride for our company. We pay attention to every detail to create homes that are not only cozy and functional but also seamlessly blend into the surrounding natural landscape. Our professional team will work closely with you, whether you desire a private oasis or a space for business needs. We ensure that the final result aligns with your ideas and requirements.

Our houses are not only aesthetically appealing but also practical, providing comfort in both warm and cold weather conditions. We place great emphasis on insulation to ensure optimal temperature control and energy efficiency. As a result, regardless of the weather or season, our houses will provide you with a pleasant and homely environment.


Color palette No. 1

Color palette No. 2

Color palette No. 1

Color palette No. 2


*House type – Timber frame with cladding, insulated;
*Wall stud dimension – 95×45 mm / 195×45 mm;
*Exterior cladding board thickness – 21 mm painted;
*Interior cladding board thickness – 21 mm;
*Total wall thickness – 177 mm / 282 mm;
*Cladding board fastening – pneumatic nails;
*Number and placement of windows – to be determined/agreed upon;
*Number and placement of doors – to be determined/agreed upon;
*Possible partition walls;
*Roofing material – metal;
*Wall insulation – Knauf Expert mineral wool 100 mm / 200 mm;
*Ceiling insulation – Isover Insulfit loose-fill insulation 100 mm / 200 mm;
*Floor insulation – Isover Insulfit loose-fill insulation 100 mm / 200 mm;



Nowadays, there is a growing interest in natural, peaceful, and environmentally-friendly retreats. We offer a ready-made timber frame cabin project called “Arbor,” which is ideal for use as a camping retreat, office space, or guest cabin. The “Arbor” cabin can be customized to meet the client’s needs, such as being designed as an office + relaxation area, office + kitchenette, bedroom + relaxation area, or bedroom + kitchenette. This cabin is constructed from high-quality timber frames, ensuring safety, durability, and longevity.

One of the significant features of this cabin is the interior finish boards treated with wax. Wax treatment not only protects the surface of the boards from damage but also creates a soft and pleasant touch when you come into contact with them. Upon entering the cabin, you will feel warmth and coziness. Moreover, this type of finish gives the boards a unique shine, accentuating their natural brightness and creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in the space.

Furniture is an essential component of the cabin, complementing its style and aesthetics. When ordering the “Arbor” cabin, you have the option to purchase all the furniture shown in the images. Although they are not included in the standard package, they can be ordered separately, allowing you to customize the cabin’s interior and choose the most suitable furniture for your individual needs and taste. The furniture is made from high-quality wood, ensuring durability and functionality.


When purchasing a timber frame house or sauna, you will receive a one-year insurance as a gift.

How we work

We prepare the timber frame house plan according to the client's individual preferences

We start creating the house plan after a careful discussion, understanding your desires and needs. In this process, we listen to your suggestions and provide consultations and professional recommendations to help turn your vision into reality.

Our craftsmen build the house according to the prepared plan.

Our craftsmen are highly skilled and experienced professionals. With great pride, we can say that creating timber frame houses is their passion. They meticulously work on each project plan, taking into account all construction aspects and your specific requirements.

We assist in delivering and installing the house

We provide a safe and timely delivery of your house. We will not only assist in delivering it but also in installing the house.






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